5 Tips for Kick-Ass headshots!

So you booked your session with us and  you are now wondering how to prepare to look  your best. Trust me, we are excited to have you in for your headshots session. Not only do we want you to look good, we need you to feel great! The better you feel to better you look. You Agree?

We have a few tips here to help you achieve just that!

1 Get good night’s rest!

Having enough rest is crucial for your everyday life. Yes, even more so for your headshots. You want to look well rested and to avoid the chances of getting baggy eyes. This is your moment to shine so we need your eyes at their best!

2 What to wear?

When getting your headshots done you want all the attention to be on ….. You guessed it.. Your face, rather than your amazing earrings, or cool piercing. Try to avoid clothing that is too busy, again, drawing attention away from you. Solid colors work best.  Depending on where you plan to use your head-shot, we also recommend wearing what you would normally wear when meeting clients or potentially new clients.

Be You!

3 Makeup and Grooming

This one falls right into line with what to wear. Don’t overdo your makeup. Keep it professional and not glammed-up, unless you need this for pageants for example! We suggest applying your makeup similar as you would when meeting your awesome clients.

The fellas, should make sure to have a fresh or semi fresh haircut and well groomed facial hair if any.

4 Practice make perfect.

Time to strut your stuff… and practice your facial expressions in the mirror. Make it fun! This is great for finding out what side of your face you like best to be photographed from.

5 Bonus

It doesn’t hurt to bring more than one outfit. Variety is the spice of life.

See you at work!